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UVC technologies from Seoul Viosys are introduced to washing machines to sterilize the coronavirus

Seoul Viosys under Seoul Semiconductor whose has been focusing on UV LED technology said that its Violeds technology has been applied to washing machines that are now  produced by Chinese companies Hisense and Haier.

After some time, the laundry tank might result from invisible contamination and germs to cause odors and molds in the washing machine. The Violeds technology from Seoul Viosys will help solve the problem of laundry tank of laundry tank sterilization and deodorization.

UVC technology is proven to kill coronavirus
A test report from a research center at Korea University proves that Violeds technology can sterilize the coronavirus 99.9% in 30 seconds.Seoul Viosys also announced that it will commercialize a portable personal kit this month for surface and aid disinfection in order to avoid the spread of virus. It is said that it is very hard to develop and mass produce ultraviolet semiconductor UV LEDs related product that even can sterilize COVID-19 virus. Since the year 2005, Seoul Viosys has been working  SETi, a U.S. venture company to make technological development concerning the latest technology of UVC chips.

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