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Osram is introducing Infrared LED related technologies to self driving cars

systems (ADAS), facial recognitin, eye tracking or gesture control are introduced to automobiles.All of these said technologies are achieved with the help of infrared light.

Osram is providing the very compact infrared LED (IRED)-- Oslon Piccolo featuring in packing super power in a small package that is perfect for auto makers. With a DC power of 1.15 W at 1 A and very fast switching times of 10 ns, the IRED component is suitable as both a constant light source for a camera-based application and for 3D image acquisition with modulated or fast pulsed light. 
Osram OLED technology for gesture control during self driving

Self driving application will request the cars to have more and more functions so as to make the interaction between between drivers and vehicles more responsive. 

Most often, the drivers will use voice assistants for navigation and control simple functions via gesture control rather than the classic dashboard. When navigating to a destination, the car displays a map with the corresponding route.At the edges of the display, different menu items are shown in a standard way to occup the space displaying the map. By gesture recognition, menu items are only shown when the driver points his finger towards the display for the route in full screen screen.
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