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Seoul Semiconductor go to law against USA-based companies for infringement on its WICOP technology patent

Seoul Semiconductor has sued the USA-based automotive component distributer- Onyx Enterprise International for infringement on its technology patent.

Seoul Semiconductor announced Onyx distributes different automotive LED lights on its website “,”which sells vehicles parts and accessories such as car led headlamps, led tail lights and led fog lights.

The Korean company said that auto led lights sold on on “” infringe 12 patents, one of the patent covers WICOP (Wafer Level Integrated Chip On PCB) technology, which was co-developled with its subsidiary, Seoul Viosys.
The newest WICOP technology can be applied onto these products to improve heat dissipation and fitness for LED lenses.

Based on WICOP technology, LED chips can be soldered onto a PCBA without lead-frames and gold wires to improve heat dissipation and connection for LED lenses.  WICOP technology enables LED chips to be soldered to a PCB without lead-frames or gold wires, which enhances heat dissipation and fitness for LED lenses. 

In 2019, Seoul Semiconductor had also charged Fry’s Electronics and Factory Depot for patent infringement on the same technology, it is reported that Seoul Semiconductor had won and obtained a permanent injunction in the said lawsuit.

The advanced technology has seen a wide range of applications in terms of automotive led lights, display backlight products, smart phone flash LEds, and high power led lighting for general applications.
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