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Far-UVC chips are proven by scientific researches to be safe for air disinfection

After the covid-19 epidemic occured, more and more people turned to UVC LED products for disinfection. But, people are also concerned about the possible harm if their skin is directly exposed to UV radiation.

After many researches, researchers finds that far-UVC is a good solution to improve safety of UV disinfection while providing application opportunities.The recent study by the University of St Andrews and Ninewels Hospital in the UK once again proved far-UVC might be safe for public air disinfection, the wavelength of the far-UVC do not make any skin problem at all.
far UVC LED chips are proven to be safe for disinfection

Far-UVC chip that emit at wavelengths around 222nm may be safer because proteins in the skin absorb this light much and provide a natural protective barrier.

Researchers said that their new simulations provide further support for current research showing that the upper layers of the skin provide a natural protection against shorter-wavelength-UVC.

UVC LED that emit at the shorter 222nm wavelength are now being investigated internationally as one of the solutions to kill the virus responsible for the global coronavirus outbreak.
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