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LED G9 Retrofit Lights Provide Energy-Efficient Alternative to Halogen T4 G9 Lamps


MaxLite® introduces two-and three-watt LED G9 Retrofit Lights as versatile, energy-efficient alternatives for up to 40-watt halogen T4 G9-based lamps. MaxLite has developed the new LED lightss to retrofit easily into existing G9-socket mini pendants, desk lamps, as well as undercabinet, display, track and task lighting fixtures, that are used in dry locations in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, retailers and other commercial and residential applications.  

two-and three-watt LED G9 Retrofit Lights


“We are excited to be offering an LED lights source that aligns with the current trends in the decorative fixture market,” explained MaxLite’s Vice President of Product Marketing and Engineering Pat Treadway. “Without the burdens of accommodating a bulky light bulb, these G9 retrofit lamps greatly expand the possible designs available to lighting fixture manufacturers.”


Halogen G9 lamps have been growing in popularity with decorative fixture manufacturers, however the lamps have short lives and require special handling for installation. The low-profile LED retrofit lights install easily, and unlike halogen, they do not require handling with gloves or a soft cloth to avoid premature risk of rupture. The G9 lamps produce halogen-like light, without sacrificing quality, for more than 12 times the life of a typical halogen.


The two-watt LED retrofit light, which captures the traditional form factor of a halogen light source, is constructed with a thermoplastic base, a frosted diffuser and a custom LED package that maximizes light distribution for high-yielding results.


Designed to illuminate decorative glass pendants, chandeliers and bath bars, the three-watt model offers a powerful 360-degree light distribution that is similar to a halogen lamp. This LED retrofit light is constructed with a ceramic base and features a clear diffuser for maximum light output.

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