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Germany UVC technology expert made tests to prove the reliableness of UVC LED in disinfecting covid-19 virus

Dr. Honle who is a professional Germany expert in UVC technology, said that his scientific research has proved that energy-rich UVC irradiation whose wavelength range is 200-280nm is highly useful to  kill COVID-19 virus. The relevant tests were made at the Institute for Medical Virology of the University Hospital Frankfurt in Germany.

The results prove that, using special-purpose UVC LED units, the new corona virus can be killed completely and quickly, up to a confirmed indisinfection rate of 99.99% after the test was finished in the lab.
UV LED sterilization is proven to be effective and reliable in Germany lab tests
Based on different UV technologies, the test results clearly showed that inactivation rata can be up to 99.99% constantly and quickly whateven UVC discharge lamps or UVC led sterlizer is used. 

Dr. Honle confirmed that disinfecting ambient air and surfaces with UVC sterlizer can kill covid-19 viruses reliably and efficiently. He estimated UVC LED products will be widely used to cover air disinfection, surface disinfection and more applications soon.
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