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covid-19 makes bigger and bigger market opportunities for UVC and IR sensing products in coming years

The recent coronavirus epidemics resulted lockdown around the world along with stop of business operation and production. The whole world has to face the severe challenges and reconsider its strategies and operating plans after the pandemic ends.

Driven by epidemic provention awareness, there is rising market requrirement for UVC disinfection and IR sensing in terms of germicial applications and social distance controlling.

UVC LED with disinfecting function is becoming a standard component for automobile, home appliance and office application. It is estimated that the market revenue of UVC LED pcakge will be up to  60% CAGR from 2020 to 2024.
UVC LED disinfections are widely used for surface, air and water sterilization
Basically, surface and air disinfection are the major focus of UVC LED applications.The relevant products cover UVC LED embedded sweeping robot, portable UVC LED sterilizer, disinfecting boxes and more.As for air disinfection, UVC LEDs are often installed into air conditioners, air purifiers or inside automobiles for interior disinfection.

Also, IR LEDs with sensing function can be used for flow monitoring in public areas, helping passengers to keep social distancing after the quarantine measures are eased.The relevant applications, such as 3D scanning/sensing function for mobile devices with AR extension, face recognition and gesture control are widely applied, robots, industrial automation and autonomous driving technology is also commercialied now. IR sensing technology achieves anonymous and accurate monitor and analyze the flow of people, supporting malls, public building, banks, airports ,etc.

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