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Korean researchers develop newest deformable micro LED for more wearable applications

Korean scientists said that they successfully launched a newest GaN Micro LED that can be turnable and cut. Based on remote heteroepitaxy of GaN, they showed a solution of making a deformable micro LED. 

Conducted by researchers from Sejong University and the University of Texas, the research team developed  Micro LEDs on a graphene-coated wafer by remote epitaxy. When the graphene surface does not chemically bonded with the LED, the whole Micro LED is peeled off with an adhesive tape to form a panel. In this way, the LED can be turned freely and easily, and the wafer can be reused for many times.

The flexible Micro LED can be connected to curved surfaces like cloths or skin for more application possibilities.The researcher teams hope that the versatility of remote epitaxy will be ready to move the epitaxy technology to manufacturing more flexible and wearable electronics.
Korean experts make turable Micro LED that can be cut by scissors
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