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Automotive IC market is still forcast to keep strongest CAGR from now to the year 2024

ic market share of automobile sector might keep rising to the year 2020
Since the end of last century, the communications IC segment almost doubled its share of the total IC market from 18.5% in 1998 to 35.6% in 2019.

Communications ics overtook the computer ic segment as the largest end-use market  in 2013, but the computer ic market surpassed it in 2017 and 2018 because of the booming memory market.The automotive IC marketshare has displayed a stable increase since 1998 going from a 4.7% share that year to 8.7% in 2019. Besides, the automotive ic market is forecast to register the strongest 2019-2024 CAGR of any of the end-use segments at 9.7%. But, the amtomotive ic market is in relatively small size, high growth in the automotive IC segment is not enough to greatly raise the growth rate of the total IC industry over the next five years.

Compared with expected rising shares of the automotive and consumer segments through 2024, the computer and industrial/other IC marketshares might drop lower over the next five years. The computer segment’s share of the total IC market dropped 20 points since 1998 to 35.6% in 2019. However, strong server demand to help support the Internet of Things is expected to see higher computer IC market share over the next five years .

IC end-use marketshare typically moves at an evolutionary rather than revolutional pace. Major changes and trends in the end-use marketshare can sometimes be noticed when looking back at five or ten years period .
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