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Samsung LEDs with engineerd spectra support human-centric to improve concentration indoors

Based on the report of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend more than 90% of their time at home and are exposed to artificial lighting, which sometimes cannot provide the same amount of circadian stimulus compared to day light at the sun. For this reason, people staying home usually find themselves hard to concentrate and result in poor performance on their tasks.

With the quick development of LED technologies, LED manufacturers can produce LEDs with designed light spectra for various applications so as to enable human centric lighting or circadian lighting to enhance health and wellbeing for people. LEDs with optimized amounts of blue-cyan wavelength range are used to improve users’ alertness and help them focus on their tasks.
Samsung LEDs with engineered spectra
For example, Samsung recently launched its first “human-centric” LED packages provide lights with engineered spectra that helps people adjust melatonin level improving their concentration level or having better sleep. The LM302N DAY achieves light spectra with intensified wavelength of 480nm, emitting stronger blue-cyan light like natural sun light that diminishes melatonin secretion. With Samsung’s advanced spectrum engineering, LM302N DAY suppresses melatonin production to make users feel vigorous.

Besides the blue-cyan light level that related to melatonin production of human body, color temperature also affects our feelings and how we watch objects. Sharp white light usually creates alertness while soft warm light achieves a calmer atmosphere.

In order to fit in a wider range of applications, Samsung’s LM302N DAY are available in different color temperature covering 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K and 6500K. The cool white 6500K product emits cool white light to greatly improve energy and increase attention, which can be used in offices or classrooms for improving productivity. The 3000K LED with warm white light provides softer and calmer indoor atmosphere for places where people need a more relaxing room but still need to carry out tasks, such as elderly or baby care centers and art studios.

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