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smart IoT app solution with seonsors to enhance epidemic control during covid-19 outbreak

Recently, UVC LED is often used for disinfection during the covid-19 outbreak, and LED applications are seen more and more in many places. During the pandemic, LED suppliers continue to enlarge applications and create new opportunity to in order to provide safer environments for people.

Enlighted under Germany Siemens company, a IoT platform provider, added workplace tracing application to its IoT platform to help employees return safely to manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical labs, offices and more. The app provides digital contact history for employees who report testing positive for COVID-19 to help reduce the spread of virus, keep healthy employees safe and productive, and eliminate the boring, expensive and possibly wrong manual contact tracing process for employers.

The Enlighted solution provides employers with location and approximate data to identify who an infected employee met with inside the workplace, for how long and what areas they visited. The data is used to inform employees who might be infected and also drives sanitization efforts in areas the infected employee worked at. The dashboard of that app provides information on contacts in the building to assist management in developing safer workplace strategies. Besides, it shows how many close contacts have been made in some time and location to avoid possible risk in advance. At the same time, as users are marked with anonymous IDs, the solution does not reveal personal information to ensure data privacy.

The system can be added with sensors in a LED light or through the new USB-powered surface sensor, which can be easily installed under desks or in conference rooms.
smart IoT app to improve epidemic control during covid-19 epidemic

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