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Instrument Systems GmbH has different measurement solutions to achieve precise calibrations on UV led lights

Instrument Systems GmbH, who is a German-based manufactuer of LED and display light measurement as well as spectroradiometry and photometry.

Instrument Systems provides a complete range of devices for measurement of UV light sources consisting of high-precision spectroradiometers with very low stray light, PTFE-coated integrating spheres and special calibration standards for the three UV LED ranges.
Instrument Systems devices are used to make precise measurements on wavelength of UV lights

The most important application for UV-LED calibration standards is the monitoring and calibration of UV integrating spheres to radiant flux. With its new ACS-570-UV series, Instrument Systems is the first company in the world to develop temperature-stabilized UV-LED calibration standards that covers radiant flux calibration traceable to the PTB.  According to ISO Standard 21348, the ACS series of UV-LED calibration standards is available for the typical peak wavelengths of 280nm (UVC), 305nm (UVB) and 365 nm (UVA). The UVA range lies between 315 and 400 nm. They are typically used for UV curing and UV ink printing. Light sources in the UVB range between 280 and 315nm are used for medical skin treatment. Precise measurement on rediant flux of all UV lights is necessary before spcific applications are made in different scenarios.

UV-ACS to radiant flux can be traced by extremely precise calibration of the spectrometer optical probes used to the irradiance and integrative measurement with a goniophotometer. The extremely low measurement uncertainties (k=2) of only 4.5% (UVC), 3.5% (UVB) and 2% (UVA) for the UV-ACS are comparatively low as in the metrologically unproblematic visible range.

Nowadays, the UVC range near 280nm is often ued for air and water disinfection to disinfect COVID-19 and other virus. During the covid-19 epidemic, the uvc led lamp sees a sharp increase in market requirement. 

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