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Foxconn Group is focusing much more on the commercialization of mini and micro LED applications

With complete facilites for LED chip production, packaging technology, panel manufacture and TV brands, the Foxconn Group is showing its ambition to establish its own Micro LED production.

The Micro LED displays developed by Sharp were designed by the semiconductor group under Foxconn and produced by Sharp Fukuyama Semiconductor.

Besides Micro LED display, Foxconn also focuses on development of Mini LED . Innolux, the panel maker under Foxconn, has been working on Mini LED based TVs and automotive displays. Regarding automotive display, many auto makers have found problems with OLED displays like contrast ratio and viewing angle decline, they are now looking for other suitable solutions . For the mentioned reason, Innolux is trying to provide its Mini LED sample for some world-famous auto makers.

Also under Foxconn, LED packager AOT has been integrated with Epileds who is a chip maker to strengthen LED wafer and chip production and capacity. They can also supply products to the panel makers within the group.

After Foxconn took over Sharp and acquire Micro LED startup eLux, it has been speeding up display technologies including Micro LED and Mini LED. Unitl now, its product portfolio has convered wearables, automotive displays, notebook panels, TVs and signage. 
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