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ISELED Alliance is working on more latest technologies to faciliate LED applicatons for automobile

Until the start of August 2020, the ISELED Alliance is made up of the following members (in alphabetic order): Allegro MicroSystems, Brightek, Cemm Thome, designLED, Dominant Opto Technologies, Draxlmaier, Dr. Schneider, Elmos, Everlight, feno, Grupo Antolin, Hella, Inova Semiconductors, iSYS RTS, ITSWELL, Lightworks, Lucie Labs, Magna Lighting, Marquardt, Melexis, Microchip, novem, NXP, Osram Opto Semiconductors, Pforzheim University, Preh, Prettl Group, TactoTek, Techniplas, TE Connectivity, UG Systems, Valeo and Xingyu. At the end of August 2020,two German companies Marquardt, Preh and a Finland-based company TactoTek join this international alliance to provide an innovative solution for automobile lights based on ISELED technology.
Some of the international members inside ISELED
The above-mentioned members keeps developing viable solutions for automotive market, such as smart LED modules, standalone drivers & controllers, dedicated microcontrollers and development kits. Recently, the Alliance has finished the specification of the 2nd generation ISELED protocol. The latest products will feature higher color point accuracy over the complete temperature range and higher current levels. Also, ILaS bus concept (ISELED Light and Sensor network)was developed after the original ISELED protocol is expanded to a true field buss acroos the vehicle.In doing so, not only RGB or infrared LEDs but also matrix LED lights, sensors and actuators can be controlled very much via a simple and open two-wire cable. The first test has been made on chip of ILaS  to prove all needed technical specifications and EMC compliance. 

On September 3, 2020 the 3rd ISELED Conference will be held online, where ISELED Alliance members will discuss in detail while they will show more latest productions and solutions based on ISELED technology.

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