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A solution with LiDAR sensor and video managment software can acheive improved flow management systems

LiDAR supplier Quanergy said that it had cooperated with Milestone Systems who is an open platform video managerment software developer to improve flow management systems with more functions.
The illustration about the combination solution of Quanergy and milestone
Quanergy solution can achieve first AI-Powered 3D IDAR integration with Milestion Xprotect video management software

The combination of AI-powered 3D LiDAR sensors,, QORTEX perception software from Quanergy and open platform video management software from Milestone achieve advanced people flow and occupancy management capabilities for smart spaces, improved threat detection and monitoring in safe space.

The solution can detect and track up to 250 people and objects with 95%+ accuracy. Remarkably, the LiDAR sensors can porform well in all working conditions to reduce the rate of false alarms, saving time and costs greatly.

Besides, the LiDAR sensors can provide 360-degree scan and a long detection range up to 70 meters, that is to say, a single sensor can cover 15,000 square meters at least. Besides detecting the distance between people to accurately monitor and manage social distancing protocols, this flow management solution can supply exactly correct centimeter-level information about the number of objects in a monitored area in addition to their spatical location, direction and speed. During the operation, user opt-in is not necessary at all, this is because LiDAR solutions does not capture and store any Personally Identifying Information (PII) to cause PII Risk.

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