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Osram has reached a settlement with Lextar to produce brighter automotive led lights for driving illumination

Osram used latest technologies to improve the brightness of automotive led lights
Osram said that it had showcased a new generation of 1 to 4-chip version in the Oslon Compact PL product family. At the same time, it had made settlement with its contract manufacturer Lextar.

The latest version of Oslon Compact PL automotve led lamps feature in ceramic components with an electrically insulated pad for excellent heat disspating effect. Osram explained that this new product is suitable for  ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam) systems.

Also, A 1 and 2-chip version is covered in the Oslon Black Flat S family. The special lead-frame-based components acheive highest contrast values(>1:200) and very low thermal resistance for higher currents.The square lighting surface of the UX:3 chip makes optical design much easy for LED headlight factory.

Under the efficiency values of up to 130lm/W at 1A, LED head lights will work well with smaller or even without heatsinks, which result in a potential reduction in system costs.

At the same time, Osram said Lextar has sold general LED lights that are the same as the lamps which should be exclusively produced and supplied to Osram.Now both parites have reached a settlement to solve the irregular misunderstanding arising from different interpretation of manufactuer contract.
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