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The global automotive LED product trend and market analysis in the year 2020

A recent survey about 2020 global automotive LED product trend shows the recent market requirements increasingly driven by intelligent led headlamp,central tunnel taillights, HDR automotive displays, ambient lights and more.

The headlamps have been widely used for automotive driving illumination, now more and more prefer intelligent led headlamp for easy application. The booming market share cover halogen replacement, small aperture, adaptive driving beam (ADB) and projection. It is estimated that halogen replacement and ADB will occupy 70-90% of the market share of headlamp in the next five years.

Besides automotive front LED lights, the market need is also increasing for automotive displays based on LED backlight. According to the global sales figure of car, it is estimated that the market demand for automotive panel has reached 134-144 million units in until 2020, and the highest market share is of center informative display.

Adaptive driving beam (ADB) allows individual control of each lighting pixel to achieve matrix lighting or projecting functions. Besides, the system can be integrated with sensors to detect objects so as to enhance autonomous driving technology. Osram had showed its Eviyos headlamp module with 2048 pixels in the year 2019, now it is developing a new version with up to 25,600 pixels based on Micro LED technology. Nichia and Infineon have also been working to develop a Micro LED-based headlamp featuring 16,000 pixel. It was reportedly that  Valeo is testing its headlamp of 4000 pixels cooperating with Cree by the end of the year 2019.

Many automobile makers are using HDR and local dimming technologies for automotive display to acheive higher brightness and better contrast ratio. Some choose LED package or Mini LED chips with drive IC to achieve HDR local dimming display. Some of the major global players are General Motors, Innolux, AUO, Macroblock, Nichia, Osram, Everlight and Lextar.
Mini/Micro LED technologies applications in a car
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