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GE current is working on more solutions based on newest UVA technology to disinfect covid-19 virus

World-famous GE Current launched its newest UV disinfecting lighting product recently. The said product is proven can kill a wide range of viruses including the currently rampant covid-19. 

The solution adopts UVA LED and achieves a 99.7% disinfecting rate of common viruses on surfaces over an eight-hour period at 3 W/m2 with in-vitro testing. 

Designed with easy use in mind, GE patent pending disinfecting LED light is set to be activated easily similar to a smoke detector. Compact and hidden, the new UVA LED lighting can provide continuous UVC and can be installed on ceilings conveniently.

These days, GE current is focusing on development for more solutions for hospitals, schools, fitness centers, offices, stores, senior living facilities,etc. 
GE is develeoping more UV LED solutions for UVC disinfection
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