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Scientific research reveals that green light exposure can ease headache in some way

University of Arizona Health Sciences made a clinicalstudy proving green light can reduce headaches in some way.

During the study, patients faced white light for one to two hours a day for 10 weeks. After two weeks, they were facing green light for 10 weeks.  Researchers found that green light can reduce number of headache days per month by an average of about 60%. Most of the participants including 86% of episodic migraine patients and 63% of chronic migraine patients said above 50% reduction in headache days per month. 
Green light exposure is proven to be helpful to ease headache
In this test, green light is treated as a drug by the researchers and they explained how the right intensity, the right frequency, the right exposure time and the right exposure methods are very important for the patients. As LED light is more economical and easy to make compared with other medical treatment, the researchers think that it will be a good solution for considered it a good  therapy in the near future.
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