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Some leading manufacturers of LiDAR sensors are showcasing more novel products for self-driving

 LiDAR sensors are widely applied on the roads for autonomous driving surveillence
Would-famous suppliers of LiDAR sensor are Innoviz Technologies, Hesai, Lumentum and Velodyne Lidar,etc. Recently, they had brought us some newest items to showcase their latest technologies.

The automotive-grade LiDAR sensor from Innoviz Technologies is InnovizOne. By adding a new sensor to InnovizOne and upgrading it to InnovizTwo, a major design cost for InnovizTwo can be reduced over 70% compared with InnovizOne so as to offer a complete solution for all levels of autonomous driving.

Chinese Hesai also successfully developed a new 32-channel mid-range LiDAR based on a system architecture based on its self-developed LiDAR ASICs. It is designed for applications including unmanned logistics, robotics, surveying, security, mapping, and low-to-medium-speed autonomous driving.

Meanwhile, Lumentun showed its wide range of  products and solutions covering all of its markets–cloud, networking, advanced manufacturing, and 3D sensing. 

Finally, Velodyne Lidar announced that its Alpha Prime sensor, designed specially for autonomous driving in complex conditions for driving at highway speed, is ready to support advanced smart mobility applications. Actually, its LiDAR sensor has been used well by robotaxi company Voyage.
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