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Narrow range UV LED is proven to produce enough vitamin D for the elderly besides killing covid-19 virus

UV LED lights can not only kill covid-19 virus but also produce enough Vitamin-D for the elderly.
Researchers at Nagoya University in Japan have proven that narrow-range UV LED light can increase serum viatmin D in aging mice safely and avoid the loss of their bone and muscle mass.

Scientific research have found that age-related disorders may result in decreased bone density (osteoporosis) and the loss of muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia).Although osteoporosis can be cured by some remedies, there are still no effective solutions to treat sarcopenia until now. Vitamin D can be produced when you stay in the sun, it is a very important element for healthy bones and muscles. However, we may know it is hard to obtain vitamin D because it is impossible to stay at sunlight always.

The recent results by Japanese researchers proved that the serum vitamin D levels, bone density, and muscle mass and strength of senescence-accelerated mice cured by UV LEDs all increased compared to those of mice that were not cured. The researchers also proved that the UV LED lights did not damage the skin of the mice. For this reason, they believe narrow-range UV-LED light with minimal intensity and dose can provide vitamin D with aged mice well.

Based on the above-said medical results, the Japanese researchers are developing a small portable UV LED device that is suitable for  healthcare institutions and at home. In future, the eldly will get enough vitamin D whose amount is the same or more than that from sunlight safely and economically.
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