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The latest WICOP technology developed by Seoul will be used to LED headlamps for electric vehicles

As a world-famous manufacturer of LED chips and technology, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (“Seoul”)said its next-generation WICOP UHL (Ultra High Luminance) Series LEDs can reduce car LED headlamp power consumption up to 20% for electric vehicles while its heat dissipation performance can be improved up to 40%. 

WICOP (Wafer Integrated Chip on PCB) is the world’s first patented package-less LED chip technology developed by Seoul Semiconductor. As we know, flip chip technology that must be bonded in the semiconductor process, WICOP LED chips can be easily surface-mounted (SMT) in the general substrate bonding process.
The simple comparision between WICOP UHL technology and convnetional LEDs
The next-generation “WICOP UHL” Series LEDs achieves up to 40% better heat dissipation performance than other products. By using WICOP UHL technology to car LED headlamps, the weight of lamp heat sink can be reduced by 75%. The emitting area of LED chip is extremely small (approximately 0.5mm2) to achieve slim LED headlamp design. 

This newest product will in mass production in the year 2021, and it can be used for led headlamps in all kinds of electric vehicles.

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