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Market survey shows horticultural led light market will keep booming in the year 2021

horiculture led lighting market trends
The booming market in horticultural LED lights in the year 2020 is mainly driven by three factors.

Firstly, the technology of controlled-environment agriculture has been mature. Many manufacturers can be good at application of  LED lighting source , various automation equipment and sensors.

Secondly, the production cost of a complete horticultural LEDlighting reduces much in terms of the unit price of red LED and medium- and high power LEDs.

Thirdly, the COVID-19 pandemic affects the supply chain of traditional agriculture, resutling in an increase in demand for indoor vertical farms.

The strong market growth in horticultural lighting field in the year 2020 mainly refers to indoor vertical farms.

As high cost in building vertical farms at the early stage, the owner can select a place close to consumer market. As many cities were in lockdown statusdue to the COVID-19 epidemic this year, clients would tobuy fresh food at a higher price, especially in North Europe, Arab region and North America.

Also, the legitimation of recreational cannabis in the year 2019 has stirred market demand and production scale. Actually, horticultural lighting market has developed quickly in advanced technologies ,such as smart and automation technologies, and lighting systems under remote and smart control, the adjustment of humiture and carbon dioxide content, and big data.
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