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Samsung launches newest Intellignet LED head lamps for road safety

Samsung Electronics successfully launched a newest intelligent LED headlights based on the latest automotive LED module in terms of PixCell LED  optimized for intelligent headlights, such as adaptive driving beam (ADB) systems. The ADB LED headlamps will improve driver visibility and safety to enhance the  driving experience at night and in poor weather conditions such as fog or heavy rain.

Marked ADB LED headlights from Samsung

 Adaptive driving beam(ADB) is an advanced driver assistance technology designed to achieve maximum driving visibility. In order to avoid over glare, ADB automatically adjusts headlight beam patterns when it detects any object nearby. Recent developments in future automotive technologies, such as autonomous and IoT connected driving, have been raising vehicle safety standards.

Base on Samsung rich hands on experiences in semiconductor technology, the newest PixCell LED that integrated more than 100 ultra-small components into a single LED chip can provide precise selective lighting control while making the lighting illuminating area much smaller.

These LED components are separated by a silicon wall to prevent optical cross-talk, and in result, offer super contrast for excellent driver visibility. Each segment functions like a pixel to control light distribution exactly, as it distinguishes on and off areas so that the beam from the LED headlight only illuminates the exact necessary location .

With the light-emitting area reduced to 1/16 of conventional separate LED modules for ADB systems, the PixCell LED can reduce the LED headlamp size by 30-50%. The light distribution and lumen of the PixCell LED are designed by professional automotive lighting software, so these two technical index are easily adjusted for different market requirments of automotive led lights in the world. Thanks to a single standard LED headlamp design, automotive led lamp manufactuers can customize light outputs and reduce lead time for development and mass production.
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