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Korean researchers can reduce the production cost of Mirco Leds by laser-melding technique

Researchers of South Korea has successfully developed a solution for cheaper production of micro LEDs. By combining two separate production processes into sintle one using laser melding, the newest technique can save time and costs to lower the costs of microLEDs finally.

Despite the excellent technical characteristics of microLED, the complex production process makes it very expensive. 

By using a laser and a film-like novel material called SITRAB, the Korean research team can achieve making the process of manufacturing microLEDs simple. Researchers can create a flat-panel display prototype with 1,225 microLEDs in the lab. After commercializing this newest technology, the overall production costs and time can be  reduced down to about 10% compared with the traditional solution.

Conventional microLED production covers a transferring process in which microscopic LEDs are moved onto a chip, and a bonding process that fuses diodes and the chip together. The said newest solution uses a laser to heat microLEDs adhered onto a SITRAB film to bond them onto a chip. It it said that this newest solution can selectively meld LEDs without having to move diodes from a manufacturing palette to a preferred position before fusing. This latest laser-melding technique can also be suitable for produciton of other types of LEDs such as mini LEDs.
Korean scientists find a newest solution to redcuce the production cost of Micro LED without compromising the quality level
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