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Osram and Infineon cooperates to develop NFC programming to achieve flexible LED configurations

Nowadays, more and more led lights manufacturers are focusing on reducing complexity along with the increased functionality and efficiency for led lights. The world-famous Osram and Infineon Technologies AG have cooperated closely to achieve Near Field Communication (NFC) programming for the LED industry. 

Osrams newest OPTOTRONIC  FIT product family is embedded with Infineon’s NLM0011 and NLM0010 dual-mode NFC wireless configuration integrated circuits (ICs) with pulse width modulation (PWM).The NFC module solution can achieve making more cost-efficient,non-dimmable LED driver products.
the NFC module from Osram and Infineon 
Operational efficiency is improved by enabling automatic in-line or batch programming in production. It also achieves significant flexibility throughout the entire LED value chain and LED light life cycle because LED parameters such as lumen output can be programmed during the installation. 

LED driver and lights manufactuers, led lighting service companies,end users can benefit much from reduced number of LED driver variants, simplified LED module selection, end-of-line configuration, and high output control precision. Also, the logistics can be improved greatly while the costs of installation,cabling and maintenance can be reduced much. The innovative NFC-PMW solution from Infineon can faciliate the much cost-effection application of NFC programming. For example, the integrated functions of CLO and digital parameter setting can help clients to meet the requirements for the modern LED design.
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