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Intelligent forward lighting technologies will make our future driving safter

Automotive intellignent forward lighting can help the car safer during the driving. Some latest technologies such as  ADB systems or multipixelated single LEDs can remove the danger of dazzling coming traffic and project warning symbols on the road for possible danager warning. In doing so, the newest lighting components can achieve permanent glare-free high beams, projections of driver track assistance,etc. 

In near future, multi-purpose, intelligent LED headlamps will shine the road forward and communicate with the environment around simultaneously. If oncoming traffic is detected, the LED chips of LED head light are automatically switched off.

Digital light is designed for projection purposes with decorative functions. For example, before the driver enters the vehicle, the car light displays a personalized welcome message in a playful way.

Pixelated light sources achieve display and illumination at the same time in just one component. The pixelated lightsource projects images and messages on the ground to guide or warn people.Only light pixels which are needed are energized and switched, others are not active, which are very efficient and ideal for energy-saving concepts or electric vehicles.
High pixelated LEDs achieve  very smooth lighting pattern.
Smart LED headlamps made of high pixelated LED can be automatically switched on or off at excellent resolutions when necessary.
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