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Patented WICOP technology has taken 10% of global car led market and 20% in display products market

Korean Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd announced that it had won in a lawsuit for infringement of its 12 Seoul Semiconductor patents against 13 automotive LED products being sold through distribution channels of automotive parts.
WICOP is the abbreviation of Wafer Level Integrated Chip On PCB, which is a patented LED related technology that is designed with easy lens attachment without wire bonding or packaging to achieve higher thermal conductivity and a longer shelf life. It can be directly mounted in the semiconductor packaging or the PCB assembly process, and the most innovative technology is a convenient structure for headlamp lenses: 1/12 the size of a vertical or thin LED.

In 2015, WICOP was launched for the first time. Until now, WICOP technology has been introduced to 102 car models in terms of LED headlamp, daytime running lights and LED turn signals, covering about 10% the global automobile market share. By the way, WICOP has higher market share in display products, in the year 2020, it takes about 20% market share in the total 220 million units of the global TV market.
 WICOP technology application in projects of automotive led lighting and display products

WICOP technology has been adopted in 102 car models, which is approximately 10% of the global automobile market, comprising of the headlamp, daytime running lights and turn signals. It is also widely used in display products such as TVs, smartphones, and tablets, in particular, WICOP has been adopted in about 20% of 220 million units of the global TV market in 2020. 
simple illustration about the application by WICOP technology
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