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A latest tuneable IR LED device can identify any poisonous gases to avoid possible dangers

The latest black phosphorus technology can turn smart phones into spectrometers

Researchers from Australia and USA have successfully developed an IR LED technology that can react to different wavelengths of light by turning smart phone into spectrometer. The IR LED device can find out varied gas including lethal one so as to avoid any possible dangers for firefighters, miners, the soldiers,etc.

The IR  LED device bonds to a thin layer of black phosphorus crystals to a flexible, plastic-like substrate, so it can be bent in different ways that make the black phosphorus emit light of different wavelengths to create a tuneable infrared LED to detect multiple materials. 

For example, the bacteria in meat can release gases when they multiply. The gases is a good indication that the meat is spoiling and not good to eat any more. If the device is placed in a refrigerator, it can give a notification that meat is going bad. When pointed at a handbag, it can identify the materials of the bag by its smell.

This newest black phosphorus technology needs only one layer that make the device possible to be flexible, giving it unique properties when bent. The low-cost technology can be introduced to the devices for applications by plumbers and building workers. Firefighters, miners and military solders can verify any poisonous gases in advance because this super thin and lightweight device can be placed onto a small drone. 
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