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Apple might apply patented technologies of lighting and warning systems to its self-driving vehicle

The Apple self driving vehicle will come out with some surprising technologies of lighting and warning
World-famous Apple Inc will install LED screens all over its long-rumored self-driving vehicle to inform other drivers what the vehicle will do next.
In a recent patent in the name of Exterior Lighting and Warning System granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,  Apple explains that it could be more clear in what a self-driving system can tell other road users. Instead of the traditional simple indicator lights, Apple says it can do the same job using more complex lighting systems. That is to say, Apple introduces the creation of displays that are placed on and around the vehicle,potentially as an all-encompassing strip of lights. The long lighting display can indicate different information, such as the status of brakes ar applied or how they wish to move to left or right to other pedestrian. The information cover more detailed braking controls, the relative speed of car to another following behind, countdown timers for actions, which can be shown in text or even graphics and video if necessary. 
Apple has filed some patent version applications on a weekly baisis, one version is the display made of LEDs placed on a transparent substrate. When mounted on the car body or rear window, it will allow the display to be seen through and visible only when LEDs are turned on. The other version is light sources are emitted into a light guide, or a mirror is installed to reflect light out of a vehicle itself.

For example, one version involves the displays consisting of LEDs placed on a transparent substrate. When mounted on the body or the rear window, it will allow the display to be seen through, and to become visible only when the LEDs are lit.
Based on Apples February 2020 patent in the name of System and method for light and image projection, Apple might offer headlights that highlights part of the road a driver must focus on, such as road signs or obstacles. In the vehicle, private variable lighting might combine narrow light band with window filters that block specific light bands allowing occupants to see each other, so as to prevent those outside a vehicle from finding the lighting.

Although several versions of patents indicates areas of interests for Apples autonomous vehicle, Apple does not promise the ideas will be achieved in future products.
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