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Seoul Semiconductor introduces WICOP TE LED headlamp and UV LED to electric vehicles

Korean Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announces that it has launched WICOP TE (Top Electrode) to improve thermal efficiency of headlamps greatly for vehicles. Seoul Semiconductor expects to grab more market share in the global automotive LED lights market of approximately USD 2.7 billion.
Facing the growing demand for electric vehicles, there are more and more market requirement for light led headlamp and less batteries consumption. The excellent performance of thermal dissipation is so important for led headlamp on vehicles.
The comparison between the previously old technology and newest WICOP  TE

Previously, LED package was connected to PCBA, based on  WICOP TE technology, the LED package can be attached directly onto the heatsink in the LED head light, in this way, heat can be quickly discharged on the car LED headlamp.

The WICOP is the second generation technology of the LED industry. Seoul Semiconductor had won a lawsuit against 13 automotive lighting brand LED products infringing WICOP patents in 2021 July. Seoul Semiconductor will introduce this new ‘WICOP TE’ LED headlamps and UV LED ‘Violeds’ for disinfection in the automotive air conditioning systems  U.S. market soon this month. It is expected that latest WICOP TE LED headlamps will be hot sell because of increased market requirement for electric vehicles and slim led headlamp design trends.
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