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shorage of semiconductor ships affected the sales of most of auto makers in the third quarter in the year 2021

The assembling workshops in US-based GM
US auto maker General Motors in Detroit announced that its vehicle sales dropped by more than 30% during the third quarter this year because of long time shortage of semiconductor chips.It sold about 447,000 vehicles from July through September, down 32.8% during the depressed market of the covid-19 pandemic.
Nearly every brand automaker in U.S. reported double-digit sales losses in the third quarter, among them, Chevrolet was in 36.1% decline.
General Motors was among the first major automakers to report third-quarter sales drop. Basically, market analysts estimate automakers sold less than 3.4 million vehicles, down between 13% and 14% from the same time last year.
South Korean automakers Kia and Hyundai have different story about their sales in the same period,  who have independent branch companies operate in the U.S. Especially, Hyundai-Kia had a 9.1% increase from a year earlier.  Hyundai reported a 10.9% increase, including its luxury Genesis brand.

Others automakers also made their their third quarter sales report today, for example,

Toyota Motor said its third-quarter sales increased 1.4% from the same time last year to 566,005 vehicles, despite a 22.4% decrease in September.
Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler) sold 410,917 vehicles during the third quarter, down about 19%.
Honda Motor reported sales of 345,914 in the third quarter, down by 10.9%
Porsche said it sold 15,289 vehicles during the third quarter, down 1.7% compared with a year earlier.
Nissan Motor sold 198,955 vehicles during the third quarter, down 10%.
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