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Lumileds keeps improving automotive led headlamps with road-legal H4 and H7- base LED bulb

Recently, Lumileds launched the first road-legal H4-base LED headlight in Germany, this new range is an extention to its H7-base LED headlamp that had been certified in Germany in May 2021.

This newest type of H4-LED bulb can achieve up to 230% brighter, its plug-and play design allows for easy installation on their own.
Approval from Germany federal authorities manes that Germany drivers can upgrade their led headlight bulbs from halogen to Philips LED bulbs legally. 
These certified Philips LED bulbs can ensure safety by improving visibility and a perfect beam pattern to illuminate the road ahead without any dazzling.

Germany famous certification lab TüV Rheinland has confirmed that the headlight bulb can meet all of high performance requirements after a long time testing program.

Its color temperature is 5800 Kelvin in cool white beam, which is the same as that by Original Equipment Manufacturers, so that a comfortable driving experience can be achieved to reduce eye strain. Also, the latest H4-LED bulb featuring greater durability with lifetime up to 3000 hours with the help of active built-in cooling fan solutions.

Based on brand-new,one-piece design, this H4-LED bulb fit well into existing headlamp assembly. Its plug and play installation help drivers convert their traditional halogen headlamps to brighter, energy-saving and safe led head light conveniently.
comparison of lighting performance between traditional halogen lamp and road-legal H4 LED headlamp bulb
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