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Rigid Industry optimizes their led light bars solutions for electric vehicles

Rigid Industry improved led light bar solutions for electric bus
RIGID Industries is a world-famous famous leader in off-road led work lamps for trucks,suvs and 4x4 jeeps, recently, it is introducing its A2Z for e-Mobility initiative for smarter lighting solution optimized for electric vehicles (EVs).

A2Z for e-Mobility is based the technology innovations found in its E-Series LED light bar, among the earliest accessories in the aftermarket industry today, which are best optimized for EVs.

The E-Series has two layers of adaptive response for vehicle and driving conditions. The first layer of adaptive response is its Active Power Management (APM) system which keeps monitoring input voltage to determine the status of the electrical system inside a vehicle. If the voltage is stable, the E-Series will continue to work on all available power for the most output possible. If the available voltage to the light begins to drop due to insufficient power supply, the APM system will gradually reduce the power consumption until the vehicle voltage is stable.

The second layer of adaptive response is the proven Active View Technology, which has an internal GPS to monitor the vehicles speed, allowing the E-Series to properly distribute power among three unique optic zones, creating an optimal beam pattern for driving. As the speed changes, power is dynamically routed through various optics (scene optics for low speed, driving optics for moderate speed and spot optics for high-speed driving),which can achieve a seamless change between beam patterns.

The A2Z for e-Mobility initiative can improve performance of electric vehicles by reducing battery current draw, which is also optimized led lighting solution for trucks,trailers and jeep. Some on-the-road tests have proven that this newest solution can achieve at least 50% reduction in current amp draw.
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