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Toyoda Gosei has launched a newest full color interior led lamp for vehicles

Japanese Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has launched full color automotive interior LED lamps that can fill inside of vehicle with colored light. The hue of the this full color interior lamp can be adjusted easily among 64 colors to suit the mood of user according to different preferences.
illustration about the newest full color interior led lights

Traditional vehicle interior LED lamps only changed colors with slight differences in different locations, but this newest interior LED lamp can achieve full color with red, green and blue LEDs. Meanwhile, color variance can be minimized by an embedded electronic component to control the amount of light. These newest interior LED lamps have been installed on new LEXUS NX.
newest full color interior led light inside cabin of LEXUS NX

In near future, Toyoda Gosei will still develop more latest products that improve functionality and esthetic appeal for automobile led lights by combining electronic components with its novel technologies for vehicles.
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