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Micro LED and Micro OLED technologies will improve immersive experiences in VR/AR devices for metaverse

The metaverse technology will boost more applications of micro LED or micro OLED
The recently hot and latest technology metaverse will turn the imaginary applications into realities, such as lifelike interaction and virtual simulation in terms of virtual meeting,digital modeling and analysis, virtual communities,gaming and content creation.The metaverse will be more complex than current Internet, so more powerful data processing cores, networking transferring enormous data, AR/VR devices with excellent display performances.

The data center industry will see enormous growth in micro-servers and edge processing applications. SSDs will be a must for storage access data faster. Besides, high-performance chips will be needed more to enable graphics rendering and massive data computation.

In order to meet the requirement of metaverse for instant,lifelike,stable networking telecommuniation, 5G communication will be a perfect solution right now to achieve high bandwidth, low latency and wide devices connecting support.Also, Wi-Fi6 will be combined with 5G so as to widen the indoor wireless connections.

The Micro LED and Micro OLED solutions will be introduced gradually to immersive experiences of VR/AR devices improve higer resolutions and refresh rates. 

120Hz refresh rates will take the place of traditional 60Hz refresh rate to achieve stunning mataverse experience. The latest flexible display panels or transparent display will benefit and result in an alternative interface between virtual and real world.

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