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The global COB LED market will keep growing in terms of application scopes

According to market survey, the global chip-on-board (COB) LED market will keep growing from the year 2022 to 2026. The growth arises from the general application in street lights and flood lighting, which can achieve several advantages such as higher light intensity, smaller size, better temperature management, longer product life cycle, and lower price. With the increasing applications in smart led lights around the world, more and more indoor and outdoor lighting applications will require more COB LEDs, so as to reduce carbon emission and maintenance costs.

In terms of application scopes, COB LED are often used for residential and commercial lighting, automotive led lights and backlighting.  Suppliers of COB LEDs have been improving the quality and intensity of light generated by COB LEDs. They are still developing technologies to provide enhanced COB LED lighting products. This includes the adoption of tunable lighting in COB LEDs. Tunable lighting enables users to adjust the color temperature of LED lights. LED lighting can be changed/dimmed to provide warm light or cool light. The adoption of lighting solutions based on tunable lighting is gaining traction in commercial and residential establishments, such as retail stores, hotels, office spaces, and hospitals, as well as residential places such as homes and apartment lobbies.

The main challenge of Chip-on-board (COB)LED is CSP LED, the CSP LED can achieve reduction in LED chip size because of elimination of package step, which results in low overall cost of production. Thanks to absence of wired connections ,direct contact with electrodes and enhanced heat dissipation ability, CSP LEDs can withstand a higher value of current for the same temperature.

Facing the challenge, COB LED is trying to penetrating to more other market such as horticulture. The development of high-color rendering index (CRI)COB LEDs and growing interests in human-centric lighting will result more market share.

By geographical landscape, the market regions for COB LED are often divided into APEC,Europe,north American and south America,middle east and Africa. APEC accounts for 49% growth based on its big population and increasing smart urban projects requirements. It is estimated that from the year 2021 to 2026, the GAGR rate for COB LED market will be up to about 11.4% at least.
the market analysis about global COB LED market from the year 2022 to 2026
The global key players in this COB LED market covers ams AG, Boston Electronics Corp., Bridgelux Inc., Citizen Watch Co. Ltd., Hongli Zhihui Group Co Ltd, Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd., Excelitas Technologies Corp., Lextar Electronics Corp., LG Innotek, Lumens Co. Ltd., Luminus Inc., Mouser Electronics Inc., Neumuller Elektronik GmbH, Nichia Corp., PerkinElmer Inc., Power Palazzo Pvt Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd., SMART Global Holdings Inc., and Silicon Lightworks LLC,etc.
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