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AMS Osram has agreed to sell its LED head light operations to Plastic Omnium

a quick overview about Ams Osram  after it was established in the year

AMS OSRAM has announced the agreement to sell its LED headlamp business to Plastic Omnium for EUR 65 million. The transaction covers LED headlamp assemblies and LED headlamp modules. But it does not include other ams OSRAM technologies and products for automotive OEM and the automotive aftermarket.

As a key player in automotive optical solutions, ams OSRAM will keep providing the latest components for automotive, including automotive LED lighting, covering the entire light spectrum – from visible to invisible light – and sensing applications for the automotive industry. This includes key automotive technology to support optical applications such as driver and interior monitoring, dynamic and static exterior lighting, interior LED lighting in RGB color, LiDAR for autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), head-up display, gesture sensing,etc.

Ams Osram and Plastic Omnium announced they plan to conclude the transaction by the third quarter this year.By this acquisition, the French Plastic Omnium will take this opportunity into growing innovative lighting systems segment, so it can accelerate its steps to meet growing market demand for smart body car parts and find new market opportunities in automotive led lights market.
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