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Hella has achieved a multi-functional customizable front panel for electric cars

Customization panel designs with different integrations of functions for the front of electric car

Without classic radiator grille for a electric car, Hella can make large panel designs for the front of vehicle and achieve integrations of different functions.

Hella who is the world leading supplier of car led lights has developed a high integrated multi front panel for electric vehicle. The customization panel features in innovative lighting technologies while combining radomes, sensor technology to ensure safe driving experience.

Unlike a conventional car with an internal engine, an electric car does not need quick engine cooling.So Hella can integrate so many components such as radomes,radar sensors, lidar,cameras for driver assistance systems, LED headlamps into the front panels.

In order to achieve eye-catching panel appearance, Hella has adopted varied technologies during the production for the purpose of customization requirements, for example, injection stamping,film black injection and more. In doing so, when the light is turned on at night, the light exits are shined for structure and animation to become visible.

Besides the distinct design aspect, the panel also can play an important role for safety function. It can work for the purpose of protection on some sensitive systems in terms of parking assistants or automatic distance control. When necessary, the panel can also be heated to ensure reliable functionality even in harsh environment.This feature is so important for autonomous driving.
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