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8 major issues you need to consider before purchasing perfect LED rock lights

blue color LED rock light for off-road jeep
LED rock lights are often used by off-road drivers fans. Jeep drivers, ATV and UTV drivers, and even some dirt bikers know that LED rock lights provide extra visibility and give a sleek look to their rides.  Most LED rock lights are installed in the wheel wells of the vehicle, but many drivers also use them for other functions like to see behind them when they are reversing. 

On the market, there are varied types of designs of LED rock lights, basically, they are classified into single color LED rock light and RGB LED lock light. It is important to know some following issues before you make correct decisions before purchase.

Briefly, the major issues we must know are durability,wiring, application,compatibility,control method,brightness and coverage, mode of installation,fun,etc.

In choosing the best LED rock lights, you have to consider its durability at first. We suggest that you choose LED Rock lights with PC lenses made of thick glass. Many rock lights are made to work for several hours. But, the lowest and cheapest quality level cannot last. The LED rock lights come with an IP rating which helps to know their strength and effectiveness. A high IP rating shows the level of durability. Also, it shows the light will be helpful in flooded or muddy areas. Housings made of diecast aluminum are the best.

The best LED rock light uses the highest quality wiring. The wires must be of heavily insulated coating, so as to make the LED rock light rugged and endure
scratch during off-road driving. When the wire needs to be extended, the cables can be folded together to prevent anything hanging loosely under the car.

If you aim for better illumination, single color LED color light is your best option. The main use of driving at night makes it important to consider the LED rock light of high intensity. For good visual effects, you can choose from the different RBG colors instead. Also, getting a LED rock light that can withstand harsh weather conditions is necessary for safe driving.

There are different sizes and shapes of LED rock lights. You have to ensure the one you are buying fits into your vehicle, which will prevent it from dropping while driving. The knowledge about the installation mode of your vehicle will help in choosing the right LED rock light.

Control method
Your choice for LED rock light determines the control method to use. A LED rock light with remote control is a good solution for in-town use. It makes you select colors and sync your favorite music easily. Remote control LED rock lights attract more eye sights; it is not advisable if you are on a low budget. You can choose a single switch remote or control with which you can put on/off the light from the inside of the vehicle.

Brightness and Coverage
It is one of the most critical issues in choosing a LED rock light. The brightness of light aids better visibility, especially at night. It also makes driving easier and safer off-road navigation or in dark areas on the road. The ability of a LED rock light to show obstacles from afar shows it has good coverage. Your choice of LED rock light should not lack this feature. The brightness level is shown as lumen output. The proper way to compare different LED rock lights brightness is to use Lumens per watt(L/W). High lumen shows how bright the light will be. Also, the brightness of LED rock lights depends on where they will be used. If you would be driving around the city/town, you might consider the one with dim glare, in order to avoid disturbing other drivers. If for off-road driving, then you can use something brighter with a wide range.

Mode of Installation
If you want to install it yourself, you must have good knowledge of the installation method. You can choose between magnetic and drill mount options. The drill mount method is better for off-road driving, because it can withstand the elements on rough roads compared to the magnetic installation. The magnetically installed lighting kits can remove easily. If you do not choose the magnetic installation, note that magnets are sturdy; therefore, study the user manual properly before installing. A slight error could make the electrical setup problems in the car. We suggest that you turn to a professional for installation assistance.

Features like changes in color, music synchronization with LED rock light, etc., make off-road driving interesting . It also adds atmosphere to the street around you. However, you cannot forget the safety and avoid distracting other drivers nearby.

Buying the perfect LED rock light is not so easy, especially if you are a green buyer. We recommend you the above eight issues to consider before you decide to buy LED rock lights.

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