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a latest multi color XE-G series from CREE LED for directional lighting indoors and outdoors

CREE multi color led XE-G series
Recently, CREE LED has launched a newest series of XLamp Element G LEDs, which are designed for multicolor directional LED lightings for indoor and outdoor applications.

This is the first complete family of small multi color LEDs with consistent 3A max current until today. 17 optional colors with full set of white CCT and CRI options are available for choice including a complete range of white color temperatures. Based on no-compromise package design with minimal LED chip-to-edge spacing, it can deliver 3x the light output of the XQ-E series and 9x the lumen density of XP-E2 series in CREE LED family.

According the published lab test result, it is compatible with JEDEC J-STD‑020C reflow solderable criteria. The unlimited floor life is  at ≤ 30°C/85% RH.

CREE LEDs spokesman says the latest XE-G LEDs provide an innovative building block arroach to lighting system design whilte providing a new performance standard for multi color lighting with the best color rendering performance in the industry.
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