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The trend of automotive LED lights for OEM and aftermarket in the year 2022

more and more newest automotive led lights are seen on jeeps to show the trend on the way
Automotive led lights trends seem to be evolving faster than ever these days. Let us check some of the hottest automotive led lamps trends or newest products we see making their mark in the year 2022.

First of all, Oracle packs some serious functionality into stylish lighting accessories. ORACLE has several off-road led lights accessories on its product roster that combine form and function, including the popular Vector Grill for Jeep Wrangler JK, JL and Gladiator JT. At first glance, this replacement grill might seem like a simple way to show off one’s driving. It certainly attracts attention and holds on tight. Under the aggressive styling, however, is some very cool customizable lighting, including integrated LED light emitters for Low Beam, High Beam, and a Dynamic LED DRL. Besides, it showcases more newest led lights for jeeps this year, for example, LED skid plate that serves up high-powered lighting, Oculus bi-led headlamp system,flush-mount LED jeep tail lights,LED cargo light,etc.

The other trend is personalized animation,ANZO showed off some new LED headlight offerings for late-model trucks, which all featured in some fun “dancing” initiation signatures besides impressive LED power. Even eye-catching attraction was a new feature the brand is tinkering with: dancing headlights that keep beat with your music. 

Another brand Morimoto tries to update classics.Morimoto worked up with Holley to design the LED headlights replacements which come in Classic OEM Warm White and Modern Pure White. The headlights pair the safety and performance benefits of modern LED lighting with the old-school styling of a classic vehicle’s original sealed beam lights.

Noticeable among automotive lighting trends is the popularity of light pods in the off-road lighting. In fact, they seem to be taking more shows over more traditionally-designed light bars. 

It is important to remember that the “main” goal of aftermarket off-road led lights is to improve safety and increase visual distance. Therefore, stricter criteria seem to be driving improvements in the year 2022. Some famous manufacturers such as Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Subaru, Toyota, and Volvo. have begun to test their off-road LED headlights based on the features like illumination, glare, and aim.

The OEM makers are making innovations,too. Auto makers and their LED lights suppliers have made some great developments over the years, including LEDs, curve-adaptive headlights, high-beam assist, and adaptive driving beams. Laser driving lights using much smaller and more efficient diodes than halogen, xenon, and LED technologies are becoming standard equipment on some vehicles step by step. The aftermarket is also introducing laser lights, though they remain very expensive and relegated to off-road, search and rescue, security, and industrial uses.

Approaching the end of the year 2022, we will see more new novel items that will lead the trend, for example, color-changing optical film that can actually alter a vehicle’s exterior paint color or clever optical phased array (OPA) sensors that can detect and track a target with 10% reflectivity mounted on a vehicle stationed 200 meters away.

All in all, customization is still king in the fashion trend of  automotive led lights. While color and animation are two very easy ways to make your vehicle more "cool" in the parking lot.

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