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The popular trend of automotive led lights around the world in 2022

Although global automobile sales was affected by Russia-Ukraine war and covid-19 pandemics in China, the increasing penetration of LED headlight and fast development of smart LED headlight,logo lamp and smart ambient light was still seen in global automotive LED lights market in the year 2022. It is estimated that the global automotive lighting market will grow 4% to US$ 32.68 billion in 2022.

More and more automakers and EV manufacturers are adopting LED headlights because they boost market share with product differentiation. It is estimated that the global penetration of LED headlights in passenger vehicles will hit 72% in 2022, and as high as 92% for EVs.
ADB headlight on SUV
Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) penetration rate was only 3.7% in 2022. However, more countries are issuing rules and regulations for ADB. ADB introduces micro LED pixel array with 10,000~30,000 pixels that can be precisely and individually controlled for flexible illumination so as to help driving safety and meet regulatory requirements of different markets. Now LED headlight manufacturers can reduce development, production and logistics costs for various markets. The penetration is expected to hit 13.9% in 2026, driving the overall automotive lighting market to US$ 39.496 billion as a result.    

The highly-dense arrangement of LEDs in ADB headlight makes it difficult to design the overall driver section. It really needs highly-integrated driver ICs to shrink the driver board and combine the LED light board into only one board. Comparing the separate driver board and LED light board, it can reduce bus and size which facilitates compact lighting designs. 

Tail light designs are developing too. Nowadays automakers and consumers now prefer full-width tail light, dynamic information display and 3D design. As there are no regulations on tail light shape and design, automakers try their best to improve vehicle specifications and features with tail light. Some use monochromatic/color mini LED package for communication display. Tail light based on the latest technology not only creates personalized design with smooth dynamic pictures but also communicates warning messages and traffic information for safe driving. The slim modular design maximizes automobile lightning design space and flexibility.

In addition to the ADB headlight and tail light evolutions we just discussed, automakers, automotive lighting companies and LED and driver IC manufacturers are developing logo lamp, (smart) ambient light and light-signal projection. 

In brief, The popular trend in automotive LED lights market in the year 2022 is personalization, communication, driver assistance and safety upgrade.

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