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OSLON Black Flat X designs from Ams Osram provide opportunties for auto LED headlights manufacturers

LED headlight based on OSLON Black Flat X platform
Ams OSRAM has launched the newest OSLON Black Flat X based on the successful platform of current OSLON Black Flat family of products. OSLON Black Flat LEDs have been widely recognized to be the first surface-mount LED light sources that are used in automotive forward lighting.

The newest OSLON Black Flat X is designed on basis of the latest version of the ams OSRAM InGaN-based UX3 chip architecture. The UX3 provides excellent reliability, high optical power output and good thermal performance.

Building on this platform, the OSLON Black Flat X benefits from various improvements such as a larger light emitting area of 1.15mm2 per chip, as well as lower thermal resistance than the traditional ceramic packages. Also, the new products are characterized by excellent uniformity of color over angle.

The OSLON Black Flat X is available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-chip variants, all packed in compact, surface-mount packages. In all versions even up to the 5-chip product, the reliability of the complete LED board assembly is excellent because of the closely matching coefficient of thermal expansion of the LED metal leadframe and the MCPCB. Besides, as each chip is individually addressable, the LED output can dynamically work well with any drop in battery voltage when the car is started or stopped

Thanks to OSLON Black Flat X, manufacturers can realize automotive forward lighting unit designs which require no heatsink, relying solely on the heat dissipation provided by the metal-core PCB (MCPCB) on which the LEDs are mounted. For example,based on the use of OSLON Black Flat X LEDs, ams OSRAM, has designed the daytime running light (DRL), and the low-beam and high-beam headlamps . In this design, the low-beam headlight is realized with two dual-chip OSLON Black Flat X LEDs, each mounted on its own aluminium MCPCB with its own reflector. The high-beam headlight has a single dual-chip OSLON Black Flat X LED and reflector. The DRL is realized with one single-chip OSLON Black Flat X LED and reflector.

The design also includes a turn indicator, to provide a complete forward lighting unit. This system works normally inside its operating limits even when tested in ambient temperature conditions outside the housing of 70°C.

The LED headlights and DRL produce light output compatible with automotive lighting standards: at a junction temperature of 150°C and a drive current of 700 mA, each OSLON Black Flat X chip produces 270 lm. In these conditions, it consumes 2.0 W, and dissipates 1.15 W of thermal power. 
By the way, operation at a low drive current of 700 mA means that drive components with a lower power rating, and a lower unit cost, may be specified. OSLON Black Flat X LEDs meet all the requirements of automotive production standards: they are AEC-Q102 qualified, offer Class 3B corrosion resistance, and are PPAP compatible.

With the OSLON Black Flat X, new designs can eliminate the heatsink and simplify thermal design, leading to a new generation of automotive LED forward lighting units which more cost-effective but offer high performance and reliability.
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