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Kyocera has launched the first Visible And Infrared Laser Headlights For vehicles

Recently,Japanese Kyocera has launched LaserLight Headlight Modules that provide full feature, high brightness, high efficiency regulated low beam and high beam along with White and IR dual emission. 
The features of laser-based automotive headlight modules with wite and infrared illumination for safey and visibility
The high brightness, long range white illumination achieves a sharp cutoff, high contrast and precise beam patterns without glare to improve driver visibility and optimize IIHS scores. The IR illumination increases night vision camera visibility of pedestrians during foggy or smoky driving, while also enabling new forward lighting purpose such as ranging and 3D flash LiDAR sensing. The LaserLight Headlight Modules are arranged in a set of 4 per headlight: 2 modules for low beam and 2 modules for high beam, with either SAE or ECE/CCC certified pattern. The LaserLight Headlight Modules are ultra-compact with a slim profile of less than 12.7mm lens height, and can be configured in a horizontal, 2x2, vertical, or offset layout, offering game changing design and styling freedom to LED  headlight factories and OEM vehicle manufacturers.

Also, Kyocera says that its laser lighting can also be built into fiber optics. That is to say, it can be used by auto makers that want to illuminate their logo or their grille in eye catching pattern.

LaserLight Headlight Modules adopt innovative LaserLight SMD White/IR dual emission devices. In the automotive aftermarket, Kyoceras LaserLight SMDs have been used on motorsport vehicles since 2018 at the BFGoodrich SCORE Baja 1000, the world’s most prestigious off-road motorsport race. In the consumer and professional product space, the dual emission sources are introduced to portable lighting products, night vision illuminators, and rangefinders for recreation and outdoor, search & rescue, and security applications. 

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