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AMS Osram cooperate with Crytur to launch a latest color-converted laser module for wide applications

Cooperating with Crytur,, AMS Osram has successfully launched the latest laser module Monalight with blue laser diode, which can achieve narrow beam of non-coherent,high-power visible light than light from traditional LEDs.Behind a special transmissive phosphor coverter, the 5W laser module in a T090 can shape the beam to a narrow angle and convert 
the diodes blue light to a broad-spectrum visible light output at spectral bandwidth: 500nm-650nm.
A powerful blue laser diode in the latest MonaLight laser module

Compared with traditional LEDs, this latest laser module can provide highest luminous intensity up to  7000cd. The beam angle is  narrow 8° viewing angle, suitable for very tight space application. Compared with old laser moduels, the latest Monalight laser module provide much higher optical efficiency at lower cost. Also ,no speckle effect is seen in its 
lighting output.

To achieve a powerful lighting output with excellent technical index, the improved phosphor technology by Crytur plays a very big role so as to take full advantage of high luminous intensity of this latest Monalight laser module. Thanks to modular structure of Monalight, Crytur can configure the output for specific requirements, in doing so, custom-made optical components can be built into the inside of module, such as bandpass spectral filters, light guides and lenses. The compact and highly efficient optical assemblies result that the latest module is much suitable for applications in terms of scientific instruments, fluorescence microscopes, machine vision systems,avionic head-up display systems.

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