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Toyoda launched a latest led lamp unit for car interior lighting

Japanese Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a latest LED lamp illumination fixture that can project patterns inside vehicle using shadow. 

A plate with delicate decorative patterns is embedded into the LED fixture unit that was mainly used for car interior lighting. This projects an attractive ornamental design on the interior door to make a fresh impression at night,it seems that the vehicle interior had been given a makeover. Based on its optical technology, this latest LED fixture prevents passenger shadows by projecting light diagonally from the front, while at the same time the pattern is vividly projected even at sites from the light source.
A draft photo about the latest LED lamp unit developed by Toyoda Gosei

The The State of the Art LED product can provide different light colors and patterns according to specific requirements. Different appearances are also available depending on the interior materials, which will contribute to diversity of interior design for different grades of vehicles.
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