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A new LED communication system replaces the face grille of Skoda electric car to improve road safety

A small LED screen will be installed onto Crystal Face grille of electric cr Skoda Enyaq IV for emergency warning. In ordinary time, the LED strip flashes in green color with arrows indicating safyty to cross, in red color with cross to stop. An orange triangle is used to warn pedestrians before the car begins to move again.

This system can work automatically without manual intervention, when a car approaches a pedestrian crossing to inform those waiting to cross if it is safe to move or or not.

If the electric car cannot stop in advance for some reasons, a LED flashing signal will be sent out to remind pedestrians stoppong crossing. The driver cannot change what is displayed on the screen. 

The displayed symbols will be easily understood, but unique animations cannot be created for many other specific situaitons.

This new LED communication system will help drivers and pedestrians much and reduce traffic accidents when they have to cross a road.
The LED car grille and communication system to improve road safety
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