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Seoul Semiconductor has installed its newest SunLike LED lights to Volvo EX90 Electric SUV


Seoul Semiconductor has announced that its newest SunLike LED lights have been introduced to the new Volvo EX90 Electric SUV for the first time. 

The newest SunLike LED lights can easily replicate natural light and protect the 24-hour biological cycle of human body.It has been proved that SunLike LED lights that work at solar spectrum can improve myopia treatment,regenerate cell,improve memory and replicate natural colors.

According to the test by Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI),SunLike led lights by Seoul can improve myopia and nearsightedness. When the eyes are exposed to high levels of blue lights with high energy, our photoreceptor cells can be damaged easier to result in myopia.

Seoul Semiconductor has conducted a series of scientific tests in Switzerland proving the SunLike LED lights can promote the secretion of melatonin and improve sleep quality. 

Also, the Sunlight LED lights can reduce the composition of toxins in the brain to improve momory and concentration, Harvard Medical school have proved to improve problem-solving skills by 5% and speed by 3.2 folds.

SunLike LED lights by Seould has perfect replication. Compared with traditional LED with CRI 90, SunLike LED lights have 95% color gamut of all 99 colors. Its  color temperture is the closest to the natural color under natural sunlight.

Volvo accounced that they will install SunLike LED lights into Volvo Ex 90 premium car for all interior lighting fixtures. Actually, SunLike LED lights have been successfully introduced to Pompeii ruins murals in Italy in order to reveal the color and texture better.

Besides Volvo EX90, SunLike LED lights will be also installed onto Polestar 3. SunLike LED lights will find more and more applications in various places such as residential space, hospital, schools and horticultural greenhouses,etc.
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