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Hyundai Mobis has launched a latest HD headlamp system to reduce car accidents at night

HD lighting system is installed onto cars to avoid traffic accidents at night
Hyundai Mobis has launched a latest headlamp in the name of HD lighting system that projects road signs on the road ahead in real-time. The technology is expected to become the latest innovation that significantly reduces nighttime car accidents on the roads.

Briefly, HD Lighting System covers HD micro LEDs that are light sources and a digital micro mirror device (DMD), a big number of tiny mirrors that work as a reflector. The most important technologies point is to meticulously control MDM and software logic that makes this work. Information obtained from the front sensor (camera) and GPS navigation can also be integrated to provide the driver with necessary information.

Integrated with GPS navigation, this HD lighting system has about 25,000 micro LEDs with a width of 0.04 mm, even thinner than human hair. This enables the headlamp to control light more sensitively because it has a much higher number of LEDs. DMD is a ultra-precise controller that reflects light using microscopic mirrors measuring just 0.01 mm. Lights emitted from densely-packed LEDs are reflected using 1.3 million digital mirrors to show desired shapes and symbols on the road. 

For example, the lamps shows there is road construction ahead by relevent symbols for drivers, while showing the crosswalk signs on the road with lamp lights to help pedestrians cross the road safety. Compared with GPS navigation or head-up display (HUD), HD lighting system can not only warn drivers but also commuicate with pedestrians around.

This latest headlamp will signal in the following situations:

construction sign
pedestrian sign
Slippery Road
traffic signal recognition
vehicle with projection
lane projection
turn signal
curve road

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